Wednesday, October 7, 2015


When I posted this blog's introduction, I explained why I needed a new blog.  I was afraid.   But truthfully, after about a year with the other blog, I have realized that no one from my inner circle actually reads it.  It was a hard pill to swallow, because I did put some time and effort into it, but since it was just about my day to day life (which was pretty boring at the time), I guess that they did not find it interesting.   I don't even have any followers.  I'm sure that P never read one word from it, because he is not even aware that I write one blog (never mind two).  

However, I cautiously started this Peach blog just to be safe side.  There were no links to this blog from that blog.  I know that I've been posting links on Twitter to the original blog, but I'm not going to do that anymore.  I've stopped posting there altogether, and I deleted the blog entirely, but I saved all my posts, and transferred them to a new address. I will fix the broken links when I can.

Why do I have the Peach blog at all?  I needed to have this blog because I do not have anyone to tell all my secrets.  I can't tell family or friends about what is going on.  Could you imagine if I did?  After spending all this time trying to be the "perfect wife"?  Even in the beginning, when I started to feel something for T, who was I going to tell?  Who would have understood?  I had to vent all my doubts, fears, and desires somewhere else, because I was going crazy keeping everything to myself!  So I started this blog.  I didn't care if one person or one hundred read my blog.  I just wanted to send my feelings out into air to people that I did not know.  

I realize that there is a certain amount of risk having a blog like this, but if I am caught, it will be in the real world.  It will be from my own stupidity, or maybe I will just break down and confess everything--let the chips fall.  Who knows?  But, it will have nothing to do with this blog.