Saturday, October 31, 2015


I  don't know what happened. 

Yesterday started out great.  There was a Halloween parade at the school, and a class party afterwards.  I brought homemade cupcakes, and was there helping out.  Assisted kids with their costumes for the parade, then poured juice in cups for the party.  Derek had a great time, as he does every Halloween.

He was also excited that he did not have to take the bus home.  Since I was there anyway, I signed him out early, and we drove home in order to get a head start on Halloween.  As I drove into the driveway, I saw that Philip had some home early from work.  We carved the pumpkin together, like always.

Today, the three of us met with Chloe and her son, Cody, and we walked around together, house to house, trick or treating.  It was like all the other Halloweens in our past.  Derek was happy, and Philip and I seemed to be getting along well.  We were a family again.

We came home after about two hours later, with the bag sufficiently stocked with candy.   Derek took a bath, and got into his pajamas.  We lit the candle in the pumpkin that was carved yesterday, and then together, we watched the "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" DVD with glasses of hot apple cider for each of us.  

After Derek went to bed, Philip's smile went away, and his expression became cold.  Suddenly, he asked me to leave.   It came out of nowhere, and I was stunned!  What did I do?  Did he wait until Halloween was over before he hit me with the news?  Guess so.  Maybe he was planning this all along.

I thought that we had been getting along so well.  Guess not.  Sure, we avoided talking about the marriage, and went into our separate areas of the house, but it was working.  All we needed was more time.   I guess that my master plan was not working as well as I thought.  Tonight, P actually mentioned the word divorce, and he practically laughed in my face when I suggested marriage counseling.  So much for that idea.

So at nine o'clock, and after a week back at home, I walked next door with my tail between my legs.  T is working, so no one was there to greet me and tell me that it was all right.  Right now, it is just me, the laptop, and a bunch of scary movies on TV that I don't want to watch.   This is after I sat alone in the living room and cried for a half hour.  My marriage is over!

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