Friday, October 23, 2015


T offered to give me a massage last night.  Well, first he grabbed my hand to physically stop me from dusting the living room.  Then when I told him that I clean to relieve stress, he said that he didn't want me cleaning or cooking for him.  He suggested that I should first take a hot bath, and then he'd give me a massage.  I said thanks, but decided that having his magic hands on me would not be a good idea, so I said no.

After a few hours of laying in bed with my eyes wide open staring at the ceiling (thinking about the incredible massage that I could have had), I wandered out into the hallway--probably looking for something to clean (trust me, in that house I can find something).  I noticed that the light was still on in his bedroom, and I knocked on the door.  After a short conversation, I took him up on his offer.

I think that as soon as he touched my back, or soon after, I fell into a deep sleep.  It was the best night's sleep that I've had in two weeks--a full eight hours!  Maybe it was the air mattress bed, or the comfort of being close to T again, but I slept straight through--until the phone rang at seven in the morning.  It was my husband.  Of course.

T handed me the phone, and I was still groggy, not realizing how quickly he had given me the phone.  The first thing that P said was "Well, that was fast!"  Then I realized that it was obvious to him that T and I had been in the same room, and he didn't believe me when I said that it was completely innocent.  Then again, why would he?  I wouldn't have believed me either.  Finally, he told me the reason for the call.  Derek was sick, and he needed me.  I threw on a robe and was there in five minutes.

Derek has the flu.  Fever, shakes, throwing up--the works.  For most of the day, it has been just him and me, since P does not want to get sick as well.  P just checked his head in from time to time to see how Derek was doing.  That's fine with me.  Derek's sickness has given me the ability to dig in my heels a bit over here.  I am staying the night in the master bedroom so that I can be at Derek's beck and call.  P will stay in the office/guest room while I am here (well, there is no change there).   While I am not happy that Derek is sick, while here I will try to show P how valuable I am, and how this family needs to stay together.

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