Sunday, October 25, 2015


Derek is well enough to go back to school tomorrow, and that is certainly good news for my little guy.  The past three days have been horrible for him, but today, even though he was home from school, I can see the light in his eyes, and a spring in his step.  He's ready.

The bad news is that I will no longer have my safely net.  With Derek on the mend and back to normal, I will have no excuse to give to P when he asks me to leave.  Given what he said to T on Saturday, I would not be surprised if I got the hook tonight.

So today, I plan on putting on the full Perfect Wife routine.  Cooking, cleaning, and then working on Derek's Halloween costume after dinner.  It's a strategic maneuver.  If I am knee deep in fabric, P can't kick me out, can he?  Or maybe I should nail myself to the floor or hide in the closet.

Actually, this wouldn't be a bad closet to hide out in

All joking aside, I've done everything I can to take advantage of this time that I've been given, and I'm going to attempt to stretch this time out as long as possible.  I want him to see how much he needs me around--for Derek's sake, at least, if not for his own.  Derek needs a stable environment with two parents who will anything to keep him the happy boy that he's always been.  I will make P see that, and maybe we can go from there.  

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