Tuesday, August 4, 2015


My other blog post, tells you about the day at the beach.  Now I'm going to tell you a little bit more about it. I just can't go into that much detail there, because I'm not sure who will read it.

T told me that I was more beautiful than Roberta (T is a friend of mine, and I will call him T on this blog). I laughed in his face because Roberta is, well how do I say it? Well preserved (by plastic or whatever), and looks very good for her age. She's always flaunting around in her perfect body, blonde hair and tanned skin. But, he said that I was much better than her. This is coming from a man, who on occasion, has dated women half his age (but not lately).

He called me Peach again. Now, I have heard him call me that before, but I finally got him to tell me why, because I was mad at him for calling me that nickname. My anger stemmed from a conversation on the beach with my so-called friends about sex and fruit. Supposedly, peaches remind men of women's butts. Never heard that before, but somehow I found this out without telling them that T calls me Peach. Anyway...

In order to save his life, (I wouldn't put it past him to call me a nickname that was perverted), he finally explained why he calls me Peach. His explanation for the nickname was sweet, and not perverted at all. He told me that he calls me that because I blush when I'm mad or embarrassed. The name also reminds him that I am a forbidden fruit (?). I was a little flabbergasted, because I didn't think that he thought about me at all in any fashion. I'm not really sure what he meant, but I think that he was flirting with me. Or maybe I'm imagining things. That's entirely possible, and it would not be the first time.

However, he did make me feel good about myself, and for me, that doesn't happen often. If P told me that I was "wasting away to nothing", like T said today, I would have taken it as an insult (it probably would have been an insult). T says it, and I'm flattered. Funny thing. I used to hate him, but now he is my best friend.

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