Sunday, September 27, 2015


Lets start at the very beginning...That's a very good place to start (Isn't that from a movie that I watched as a child?)

On Friday  night, I met Chloe and Theresa at the mall, planning to go to the gym (yes, that's right--the gym).  At first, I was mad, because P came home late from work and I missed the ride, so I had to drive all the way over there by myself.  Don't like doing that, but turned out to be not so bad after all.  Could have been better, though.  I will explain.

I walked into the mall, and passed by store called Sensuous Things.  Now in the past, I had always looked in the window of this store, but I never actually went in there.  Since I was late anyway, I actually went inside.  I tried on a few things, and ended up buying a white satin nightgown, and sexy lingerie set.  When I walked into the gym, Chloe saw the bag right away (regular customer).  She thought that it was because P has been a good boy lately, but we all know who the good boy is, don't we?

We all took a Zumba dance class at 7:30 that wiped me out.  The woman was a lunatic!  Everything hurt by the end of it (even my eyelids).   I was quite dehydrated after sucking down all of my water, so as Chloe and Theresa reserved a treadmill for me (yes, they still wanted to do the treadmill), I went to the front desk where I could stock up like a camel.  I actually considered leaving altogether, but I didn't.  On the way back, guess who I ran into?  

This is not my favorite thing to do

I was surprised to see T there, and did not know how to react.  I asked a stupid question, like, "What are you doing here today?".  Then, he smiled, and teased that he needed to keep his body tight for his girlfriend (that would be me).  Before we could get into any kind of deep conversation, I noticed that Theresa was on her way over.  Quickly, I pushed him away like he had some kind of contagious disease  (well, he does.  It's called animal magnetism.  There is no cure).  Long story short, Theresa was polite enough to invite T out for a drink with us after the workout.   T ignored the panic in my eyes and said yes.  Uh oh!

The restaurant was interesting.  Chloe and Theresa had the bright idea of sitting together, so that I had to sit next to T, and be nice.  If you remember, the last time that we were all together at this same restaurant, I ended up throwing a drink in his face.  So, my friends still think that I can't stand him (even though they know that he had come to my aid several times), and I like to keep it that way.  As soon as he sat down next to me, however, his hands started to wander under the table.  

It's hard enough to be in the same room with him when other people are there, but this was ridiculous!  Being that close to him (and feeling his body next to mine as he felt up my leg) was torturous.  Oh, he was having a grand old time as I nervously blushed and knocked my nearly empty (one-drink minimum) glass of sangria over.  I wanted to kill him!  Chloe asked me if I was alright, and I came up with some lame excuse to why my face was completely scarlet red.  I can't even remember what I said, but it seemed to work--I hope.

Once Chloe and Theresa finally went to the Ladies Room, I scolded him, but it had no effect.  He flirted with me, and tried to talk me into having a rendezvous after the restaurant.  I couldn't say no--didn't want to--really--at all.  He knew where to go, and once we all left the restaurant, and Chloe and Theresa left the parking lot, I jumped into his SUV for our little excursion.

However, things did not turn out as planned.  At around ten o'clock on a low-traffic road on the way to the rendezvous, we noticed a car that had driven off the road into the woods and hit a large tree.  As T left the truck to check it out, I called 911.  When he returned, he informed my that inside the damaged car was a teen-aged driver who had been drinking,  was still alive, but was bleeding.  T scoured his own truck for something that he could use to help stop the bleeding, and I handed him my new satin nightgown. 

Our night may have interrupted out rendezvous, but the kid survived.  That was the important thing.  Thank God for that.  It also reminded me of what kind of man I am dealing with.  Thank God for that, too.

So, as P read the Sunday paper this morning, there was an article about how T heroically saved the young man's life.  The article mentioned that there was also an unidentified companion who aided him in the rescue, calling 911.  That was me.

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