Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I think that I might be classified as anti-social.

Well, that's what Philip thinks, anyway.  Let me explain...We've been invited to "the bachelor's" Memorial day party on Sunday, and I don't want to go.  Does that make me anti-social?

Yes, I don't feel comfortable around strangers.  I'm not very good at making conversation with people that I don't know.  Yes, I'm not particularly thrilled about being crowds, getting bumped around and having nowhere to sit.  Does that make me a pariah, or am I just shy?

I have my two best friends, Chloe and Theresa, and I'm happy with the two friends that I have.  I can depend on them.  I don't need other friends, especially not whoever is going to be at that party on Sunday.  They will be talking politics, or sports, or whatever gibberish of the week.  I'm not in the mood for it.  I would rather stay home, if Philip would let me.  But, he won't let me off the hook.  I have make nice and bring potato salad. I am so happy about that (that's sarcasm).

Nevertheless, one of my very best friends, Chloe will be at the party with her husband and son.  "The bachelor" invited all the neighbors, and Chloe lives a couple of blocks away.  She's actually looking forward to it.  I think that she's lost her mind.  My lovely (that's sarcasm too) next door neighbor on the other side, Roberta, will be there as well, and let me just say that the less time I spend with Roberta, the more sane I will be.  She'll probably be hanging out of her bathing suit, as usual, and hanging all over the available men at the party.  I really do not want to be there to see that.
Aargghhh!! I wish I had  bunker to hide out in this weekend.

Do I sound anti-social?  I don't think so.  I think that I'm just selectively social.

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