Friday, October 31, 2014


We had a very busy two days.

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Today, I was at Derek's school, helping with the class party.  I made 24 white cupcakes with orange icing (with pumpkin faces on top).  There are sixteen kids in the class, but there were no cupcakes left over.  They were a big hit.  I had made Halloween spice cookies (A Martha Stewart recipe), but I decided that maybe it would be a little too spicy for the kids.  (I ATE THEM ALL)

Last night, there was a Halloween parade at the park.  The kids walked around the baseball fields a few times.  It was dark, and a little cold.  I was not thrilled about that, since it started at five, and we usually have dinner at 5:30.  It screwed up my whole schedule, but Derek had a good time, and that is what was important.  (I BLAME THIS ALL ON CLAUDIA PERKINS.  IT WAS HER STUPID IDEA TO HAVE THIS PARADE AT NIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE.  NORMALLY IT WOULD BE DURING THE SCHOOL DAY ON HALLOWEEN)

After dinner last night, Philip and Derek carved the pumpkin and displayed it in the bay window.  (THEY DIDN'T WANT MY HELP, OR LISTEN TO MY SUGGESTIONS) Afterwards, we watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” on DVD (I WAS ACTUALLY CLEANING THE KITCHEN AT THIS TIME, AND IT WAS OVER BEFORE I WAS DONE)

Tonight (Halloween), Derek dressed as a pilot, in a brown jumper with Air Force logo and white helmet.  I do not know where he got the idea, but he has wanted to be a pilot for the past year.  Unfortunately, it was so cold and windy outside today that Derek had to wear his winter jacket.  He was not happy, but I did not want him to be sick for a week.  There were not many kids out there today; meanwhile, Philip, Derek and I were out for two hours. (I REALLY DO HATE HALLOWEEN- I'D RATHER JUST BUY A BAG OF TREATS AND BE DONE WITH IT.  BUT, DEREK LOVES HALLOWEEN, AND SO DOES PHILIP.  HE SEEMED TO TAKE A KEEN INTEREST IN ROBERTA, WHO WAS DRESSED IN A SKIMPY CAT COSTUME AND WALKING AROUND THE NEIGHBORHOOD LIKE SOME KIND OF TRAMP.  I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY SHE WAS OUT THERE.  HER KIDS DON'T TRICK OR TREAT ANY MORE)

Once home, I made apple cider for the three of us, then we went through Derek’s bag.  (POCKETED A FEW DOZEN MINI-CHOCOLATES FOR MYSELF WHEN THEY WERE NOT LOOKING.  HEY...I WAS OUT THERE TOO)  I was so happy to be home and done with Halloween for this year. 

It is time to start planning for Thanksgiving.  GOD HELP ME

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